10 Free Valentine Day DIY to share

10 Free DIY to Share on Valentine DayI know that there are lots of people out there who are adversely against Valentine Day! It’s too commercialized, they say. It’s too corny, others say. Nauseating, sappy, day that is fully exploited by Hallmark… And you know what, I agree with ALL of it! And as much as I am all about not limiting the expression of your love for others to a single day, I do find Valentine’s day a good opportunity to continue to express your appreciate of others. It is a perfect time to do something special, something thoughtful.

This year, whether you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party for kids or simply wanna find some creative ways to share the love, check out these 10 free (I repeat, FREE) DIY projects that will shout Loving Creative Genius (while maybe splurging on a good bottle of something!).

  1. DIY Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Cup {by Confetti Sunshine Blog}
  2. DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bag {by Pizzazzerie}
  3. Valentine’s Day Labels~ All You need is Love {by World Label}
  4. Valentine’s Day BINGO {by Libbie Grove Designs}
  5. Valentine’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper {by Mighty Delighty}
  6. Cute Cupcake Flags (that also work beautifully on pencils, lollipops and… well you know what else) {by Yellow Heart Art}
  7. Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Collection that includes editable invitations, party circles, favor tags, editable tented cards, an editable banner {by Paper & Pigtails}
  8. Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper {by Thirty Handmade Days}
  9. Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine Stickers to put on fruit {by Twig & Thistle}
  10. Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookie {by Design Wash Rinse Repeat}

And to my Anti-Valentine Day enthusiasts, I haven’t forgotten about you, I would suggest doing all of the above DIYs and upon completion, promptly plaster with as many Black Sharpie ‘X’s’ that you can manage to draw and then proceed to cut up with scissors.

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