A Boyz Jam

I have 2 older brothers (who used to torment me *sigh!* Correction: who still torment me), and I never remember my parents being so creative in putting together my brothers birthday parties. Back in the 80s, things were kept prettyyyy simple. Most birthdays took place at the McDonald’s around the block, Burger King (How I loved that birthday crown!!) or in the basement. Birthday themes? I think not!! I’d have to cross-reference with my brothers to see if any of their friends had themed birthday parties! But I’d be willing to put my money on the fact that parents back then did not go to Party City to get coordinating He-Man plates and banners for their kids party.

Side Note: The one REMARKABLE thing the 80s had that we unfortunately no longer get to enjoy was this shockingly amazing orange colored sweet syrup tasting beverage that was served in this huge plastic orange McDonalds cooler that was a staple for ALL, I repeat, all birthday parties. Actually, your party wasn’t jamming without that drink! McDonald’s should really consider bringing that back!


Fast track to 2013 (oh, how I’m dating myself!) and we are now faced with a super overload of potential birthday party themes for boys!! Here are some cool themes that will definitely separate your son from the pack:

Army Boot Camp


{Photo from htwm.com}

Forget about singing happy birthday, how about chanting, “I don’t know what you’ve been told, Mike is turning 6 years old!”  This is a great party to exhaust a group of boisterous kids. Invent a search and rescue obstacle course. Create camouflaged coloured food and cake. Since this is a great party for the great outdoors, you can use nature as your décor!

Little Chef Pizza Party

Charlotte NC Child Portrait Photographer

{Photo from Kara’s Birthday Party Ideas}

I am not talking about the type of party where you simply order a pizza and the kids eat it while watching a movie. No, this pizza party, the kids wear Chef Boyardee hats and make their own pizza that they get to enjoy in little boxes. Serve the homemade pizzas with some refreshing Italian Sodas and gelato and you have all the ingredients needed for a fun and messy birthday.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunt


{Photo from Three Little Monkey’s Studios}

Finding the décor for a dinosaur party is quite easy. But what will make this birthday STAND OUT is by adding the element of scavenger hunt. The kids will basically have to be paleontologists (aka Dinosaur Hunters) for the day and will need all the necessary gear to take on their role. The fun part will be for them to hunt for remnants of history and to create their own keepsake that can also serve as a favor.

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